14 Sep 2012

Woman admits kidnapping newborn baby

4:51 pm on 14 September 2012

A woman has admitted kidnapping a baby from Middlemore Hospital.

Neha Narayan, 25, pleaded guilty to the charge at the High Court in Auckland on Friday morning.

She took the two-day old baby from the birthing unit at Middlemore hospital last January.

A nurse and the baby's parents saw her leaving with the newborn and she was caught in the hospital car park.

Police said the woman had been roaming the unit for some time, and had also been confronted by another parent for cuddling their baby.

Narayan has been remanded on bail until sentencing in October.

Justice Woodhouse has asked for reports before then on her eligibility for home detention, or a community- based sentence.

He also asked the defence to draw up a list of suitable councillors who could help Narayan while she is serving her sentence.

The charge carries a maximum sentence of seven years.