28 Sep 2012

Hawke's Bay, West Coast set to go digital

2:54 pm on 28 September 2012

Fifty-two years of analogue television comes to an end in Hawke's Bay and on the West Coast this weekend when the signal is switched off.

By the end of 2013, only a digital TV signal will be available throughout New Zealand and all households will have to have Freeview or SKY to watch television.

Some 96% of households on the West Coast and in Hawke's Bay are said to be ready for the switch, which will give them sharper reception and more channels.

For the 3000 homes that are not ready, their TVs simply won't work on Sunday morning.

The national manager of the Going Digital programme, Greg Harford, says people can switch over at any time and $18 million has been budgeted for helping those who can't afford it.

Mr Harford says this includes people aged over 75 with a Community Services Card, veterans and those on invalid's benefits.