8 Oct 2012

Bouncer accused of manslaughter of bar patron

2:35 pm on 8 October 2012

A man thrown out of a Blenheim bar landed on his head and died a few hours later in hospital, a court has been told.

The bouncer involved in the incident, Kevin King, 52, is before the High Court in Wellington charged with the manslaughter of Matthew Heagney in August 2009.

Crown prosecutor Mark O'Donoghue told the court on Monday that as Mr Heagney left the Shapeshifters Bar a struggle broke out between him and a doorman he had pushed past earlier when entering the premises.

He said the accused stepped in, put Mr Heagney in a headlock and, with assistance from the bar's other bouncers, carried him outside.

Mr O'Donoghue said Mr Heagney was then dropped on the ground and witnesses described his body as being limp when that happened.

Justice Kos told the jury this is a re-trial for Mr King, but warned them not to go looking for information about the earlier trial.