27 Dec 2008

Silent protest on White Rose Day

2:45 pm on 27 December 2008

The family and friends of people killed by drivers who were drunk or on drugs have paid tribute to those they have lost as part of White Rose Day.

The memorial day, organised by the Cross Roads group and the Sensible Sentencing Trust, is held every Boxing Day.

The family of Mary Radley, a 60-year-old nurse killed in 2004 when her car was hit by a motorist driving under the influence of drugs, held a silent roadside protest at Koromiko in Marlborough where she was killed.

Mrs Radley's daughter, Rachael Ford, says the family is tired of waiting for the coroner's inquest findings to be released, and they want to see tighter drug-driving laws to be put in place.

Ms Ford is the co-founder of the Campaign Against Drugs on Roads, or Candor Trust.

Malcolm Barnett, whose 18-year-old daughter Krystal was killed by a driver on drugs in Upper Hutt three years ago, wants to see tougher sentences for offenders.