26 Dec 2008

Holiday road toll rises to 3

4:45 pm on 26 December 2008

The road toll for the Christmas holiday period stood at three on Boxing Day.

A three-car crash at the intersection of Gordonton and Taylor Roads in Hamilton early on Thursday evening left one person dead.

James Philip Vesey, 84, was delivering presents to his family just south of Gordonton. The police believe he pulled out in front of a car and was then spun in front of another. His condition was initially stable, but deteriorated on the way to Waikato Hospital.

Another person died shortly after midnight Thursday when their vehicle crashed into a ditch near Morrinsville. David James Hill, 23, was a passenger in the Holden Commodore.

The police say it is thought speed and alcohol were involved in the crash. Both Mr Hill and the driver, who is in a critical condition, were not wearing seatbelts and it is thought he would have survived the crash had he done so.

Another driver was killed at Pukekohe, south of Auckland.