17 Oct 2012

Union says ports dispute has gone on long enough

6:00 pm on 17 October 2012

The Maritime Union says the industrial dispute at the Ports of Auckland has gone on long enough and it hopes a settlement can be reached with the port company during talks on Friday.

The union's national president, Garry Parsloe, says he thinks the year-long dispute can be settled without much further ado.

He says it has gone on for long enough, with strikes, stoppages and lockouts, and the cost to the people of Auckland has been "quite horrendous".

Mr Parsloe says workers are willing to be flexible and he is looking forward to some resolution by the end of the week.

However, the company's head of communications, Matt Ball, says that after the talks both sides will have to wait for the independent facilitator to make a written recommendation.

Mr Ball says the company is keen for a settlement but he cannot talk about the details of the negotiations.