2 Jan 2009

Overnight contact lenses help slow myopia

9:52 pm on 2 January 2009

Contact lenses which reshape and refocus the eye during sleep are helping New Zealanders who suffer from shortsightedness.

The overnight contact lenses, which are known as "revise retainer" lenses, are designed to be worn while alseep and give the wearer dramatic improved vision on waking.

The lenses also slow the progress of myopia - which causes short sightedness.

An Auckland optometrist Lynden Mason says the lenses are a major step forward, especially for short sighted children, whose eye sight deteriorates as they get older.

Mr Mason says the technology will prevent them from needing thick glasses in their adult life.

He's also trialling the treatment for long sighted sufferers but says it's only in its initial stages.

Short sightedness is increasing in New Zealand with up to 35% of people suffering from it.