22 Oct 2012

Snowboarders encouraged to wear helmets

6:14 pm on 22 October 2012

The Mountain Safety Council says it is encouraging snowboarders to wear helmets as recommended by a Coroner who found that a visiting Australian died because he was not wearing one.

Timothy James Stone died at the Mount Cheeseman ski area in Canterbury in August last year.

The 29-year-old and two other friends were in an unpatrolled back bowl known as Tarn Basin.

Mr Stone slid about 100 metres while attempting to walk across and up firm snow and icy terrain, and died two days later in Christchurch Hospital due to head injuries.

A Coroner has recommended that the Mountain Safety Council promote the wearing of helmets by all snowboarders and skiers.

The council's chief executive, Darryl Carpenter, says it actively promotes the wearing of helmets but does not support them being made mandatory, as it would be hard to police.