9 Jan 2009

$5000 for worker sacked via text message

10:30 am on 9 January 2009

A call centre operator has been award $5,000 after being sacked by text message.

The Employment Relations Authority issued its ruling on Friday on the case involving Laurel Shale and her employer Enduring Sales Limited in 2007.

Ms Shale was sent home from work because she was upset about a workmate leaving the job.

Later that day, she received a text message from her supervisor saying she was not needed on Monday or in future until further notice.

The Employment Relations Authority found Ms Shale was unjustifiably dismissed by way of text message, with Enduring Sales Limited then not contacting her again.

The authority awarded Ms Shale $2,000 in lost wages and $3,000 as compensation for distress and injury to feelings.