12 Jan 2009

More eye surgery for crossbow victim

9:40 pm on 12 January 2009

An Auckland woman was to undergo further eye surgery on Monday after being shot in the head with a crossbow bolt.

Police found Adele Curran, 42, lying injured at her property in Amber Avenue in Glen Eden on Thursday afternoon.

Ms Curran had been watering pot plants on her veranda when a neighbour accidentally fired the crossbow.

The 40-centimetre bolt became embedded above her right eye and she underwent emergency surgery on Thursday to remove it.

A spokesperson from Greenlane Hospital said Ms Curran is in a stable condition and would have more surgery on Monday.

It is expected she will be released from hospital later this week.

Police said Ms Curran is lucky to be alive.

Detective Senior Sergeant Stan Brown said she may have been killed if the bolt had hit a centimetre to either side.

Police say the owner of the crossbow insists it was an accident, and seems very remorseful.

Mr Brown said anyone over 18 can own a crossbow and people need to realise it is a dangerous weapon that can maim and kill.