31 Oct 2012

Air NZ Hallowe'en promotion off

10:55 am on 31 October 2012

Air New Zealand has pulled a Hallowe'en promotion that referred to Blenheim as Beastheim.

A customer complained to the airline about the Grabaseat promotion, saying he was sickened to the core by the connection between a childish event such as Hallowe'en and a sex offender.

Stewart Murray Wilson has been labelled the Beast of Blenheim.

The customer, a victim of child abuse who does not want to be identified, said it is extremely bad taste and he is awaiting a response from the company.

Air New Zealand said Grabaseat had taken feedback on board and is changing the name it gave to Blenheim.

The website is continuing with its promotion with other destinations such as Witchchurch, Spookland and Shockatane.