14 Jan 2009

$700 rental car tow bill for family of glacier victims

10:12 am on 14 January 2009

A rental car company in Christchurch is charging the parents of two men killed by collapsing ice at Fox Glacier, $700 for the return of the vehicle.

Ashish Miranda, 24, and his brother, Akshay, 22, were buried by ice and rock, at the toe of the glacier on 8 January.

They travelled there in a car rented by their cousin.

But the keys were buried with the men and the car had to be towed back to Christchurch on Tuesday.

The tow cost around $700 and company director Edwin Chan says that cost is a burden for the business, NZRCS. He intends to charge the dead men's family for this.

But he says he will not charge a fee for the late return of the car which should have been returned on Sunday.

The Rental Vehicles Association says the situation highlights the importance of travel insurance.