5 Nov 2012

Education expert disputes survey findings

7:08 pm on 5 November 2012

A professor is cautioning people not to read too much into a global prosperity survey rating New Zealand's education system as the best in the world.

The Legatum Prosperity Index, which measures national income and well-being, also ranks New Zealand as the fifth most prosperous country of 142 surveyed.

Victoria University's Dean of Education says the education component of the index measures participation rates as well as the satisfaction of participants.

However, Professor Dugald Scott says it does not take into account educational achievement or how achievement is spread across the population.

Professor Scott says while the fundamentals of New Zealand's education system compare favourably with the rest of the world, the intention of the survey is to demonstrate the system's potential to grow prosperity and wellbeing.

He says there are areas of underachievement in New Zealand that need to be addressed.