7 Nov 2012

Authority claims owners slowing down claims process

4:21 pm on 7 November 2012

The Government's building authority says building owners are to blame for delays in settling leaky home compensation packages.

More than 1200 owners have registered for an assistance package which sees the Government and councils share the cost of any repair work.

Just 43 claims have been settled since the scheme was introduced in July last year.

Auckland lawyer Tim Rainey represents more than 500 affected owners - many of whom have been waiting more than a year to settle their compensation deals.

Mr Rainey says the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's building department is mucking people around.

But the deputy chief executive of service, Maria Robertson, says it is the homeowners that are slowing the process down.

Ms Robertson says at any given time, three-quarters of all claims are with the claimants waiting for them to make a decision.

The ministry expects the process to speed up as homeowners realise that the scheme is a good option.