15 Nov 2012

Coroner wants farm parents reminded of risks

2:07 pm on 15 November 2012

The Dunedin Coroner is asking Federated Farmers to remind its members of the need for care when supervising children and infants on farms.

Coroner David Crerar on Thursday issued his findings into the death of Jack Tatham, who died in August last year, aged 21 months.

The child's parents had put him in a safe place while they did some chores, but he managed to get into a yard where 22 new cows had been delivered.

His father said the cows were 'spooked' and the Coroner has found the child died from a brain injury suffered when one of the cows stood on his head.

He says Jack was used to being with calves and would not have been able to differentiate between the newly-arrived cattle and those he usually associated with.

He says the child's parents were not to blame.