28 Jan 2009

Price of petrol up again

6:00 am on 28 January 2009

Three major oil companies raised the price of petrol on Tuesday, with one warning that motorists are still to feel the full brunt of recent price hikes overseas.

Petrol rose 6c a litre at Shell, Caltex and BP, with Gull opting to hold firm and review the situation on Wednesday morning. Mobil could not be reached for comment.

A litre of 91 unleaded at BP, Caltex and Shell now costs $1.58.9 and 96 costs $1.63.9. That's a 26c jump since January 14, and

BP's Diana Stretch says things are likely to get worse.

The weak New Zealand dollar and the international cost of refined petrol are the main reasons for the rise, she says.

The price of diesel is unchanged.