30 Nov 2012

Shooting of suspect by police justified - IPCA

12:09 pm on 30 November 2012

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has found an officer was justified in shooting a man in the hand and forearm in February last year.

William Robert Hartley was shot, after four armed officers went to his Otaki home to follow up accusations that he attacked a woman during a domestic incident.

Hartley barricaded himself in a bedroom, before two officers managed to get in.

Police had been unable to find him 10 days earlier, when a woman told the police he had assaulted her and had access to firearms.

When the policemen entered the bedroom, Hartley took a rifle from a wardrobe and pointed it from a distance of two metres.

One officer fired his Glock pistol.

The IPCA report says the rifle was ready to fire and the officers had no time to consider other options.

However, their supervisor failed to ensure they were wearing ballistic body armour.

Hartley was sentenced to four years prison in August for using a firearm against a police officer.