3 Feb 2009

DNA sample may be taken from murder-accused Xue

3:12 pm on 3 February 2009

A court order has been obtained to take a DNA sample from Nai Yin Xue who will stand trial later this year accused of murder.

Nai Yin Xue, 54, is accused of murdering his wife in Auckland, before abandoning their young daughter at a Melbourne train station in 2007.

Mr Xue did not oppose the application for the blood sample from the Crown at a hearing at the High Court in Auckland on Tuesday.

The hearing has also considered whether hearsay evidence should be introduced at the trial, due to be held in June.

The Crown has argued the evidence is relevant because it shows a relationship of fear and friction between Mr Xue and his wife Anan Liu.

Mr Xue's lawyer Chris Comeskey argued that none of the evidence should be admissable because it would unduly prejudice his trial.

Justice Williams reserved his decision.