13 Dec 2012

Sharp weapon involved in sleepout death, say police

10:00 pm on 13 December 2012

A woman found dead in a South Auckland sleepout was probably killed by a sharp weapon, police say.

The body of Alicia McCallion, 23, was discovered by her family at their home in Cotton Place, Papakura, about 7.30am on Wednesday.

Police have launched a homicide investigation.

They said the sharp object has not been located and are asking neighbours to check their homes for any unusual items or property.

Detective Inspector Mark Gutry said a team of 25 police officers is working on the investigation.

Officers are speaking to family and associates about Ms McCallion's background and her last few days. However, Mr Gutry says they are satisfied that the family members they have spoken to so far are not involved.

Police and ESR are examining the scene for fingerprints and other forensics and will do so for the next few days.