14 Dec 2012

Mass killer has parole chances frozen

7:02 am on 14 December 2012

Convicted murderer Raymond Ratima, who killed seven members of his family, has had his parole chances frozen for the next two years.

Ratima went on a rampage in Masterton in 1992, slaying family members including his three sons and pregnant sister-in-law. He also attempted to murder his father-in-law.

The 45-year-old has undergone five years of intensive one-on-one counselling in prison with a bicultural therapist.

He is said to be frustrated that he has not so far been able to have a restorative justice meeting with any surviving victims.

Before that happens, an official report recommends he undergo further one-on-one treatment with a senior psychologist.

The Board says the sessions need to be taken very carefully and slowly, and may take some time.

Due to the slow progress, the Board has imposed a two-year stand down, meaning Ratima won't get another parole hearing until November 2014