20 Feb 2009

Antonie Dixon case closed, but lawyer fights on

9:25 pm on 20 February 2009

The legal case surrounding the murder conviction of Antonie Dixon has formally ended with a hearing at the High Court in Auckland.

The Crown Prosecutor filed documents on Thursday officially informing the court of Dixon's death and on Friday Justice Hugh Williams formally closed his court file.

Dixon died on 4 February in his cell at Auckland Prison at Paremoremo, where he was waiting to be sentenced.

He was found guilty at a retrial last year of the murder of James Te Aute and injuring two women in a sword attack in 2003.

Justice Hugh Williams, in a rare move, spoke to media explaining the documents filed notified the court of Dixon's death only and not the cause.

A Coroner's report is due on the cause of Dixon's death.

Lawyer wants answers

Dixon's lawyer Barry Hart has vowed to go on fighting for both Dixon and his family.

Mr Hart says he has been frustrated by the lack of information being provided by Corrections and mental health officials about how his client died.

Mr Hart, who is pursuing disclosure of documents from several organisations involved with Dixon leading up to his death, says he is being stonewalled.