20 Feb 2009

Troubled Hamilton college's board of trustees resign

10:33 pm on 20 February 2009

The Board of Trustees at Fairfield College in Hamilton has resigned after continuing problems at the school.

The school has been embroiled in controversy in recent months, including concern by some staff over the principal and senior management team, and student achievement.

A spokesperson for the board, Rodney Hartles, says trustees feel they have taken every opportunity to move the school forward but the time has come to hand over the governance role.

He says not everyone accepted the board's strategic direction for the school.

Mr Hartles says the board has taken every opportunity to work with and consult the school community but it has now reached a crossroads.

He says the board does not believe it has failed but feels it is in the school's best interest for a change.

The Ministry of Education says it is already working on the issue and the Secretary of Education will appoint a Commissioner as soon as possible.

Advisor reassures parents

The man appointed as a special advisor to Fairfield College says the community can still have confidence in the school.

Dennis Finn says while the issues will not be ignored, the community can retain faith in the school.

He says the issues are complex but will be worked through in a relatively short time.