31 Dec 2012

No sign of missing tramper

7:07 pm on 31 December 2012

An aerial search for a tramper missing in the upper South Island for more than a week finally resumed on Monday but had no success.

Alistair Levy has not been heard from since Sunday last week.

Bad weather thwarted an air-borne search for the 54-year-old for several days but conditions cleared enough for a helicopter sweep over an area of Kahurangi National Park near Mt Owen on Monday.

Pilot Jarrod Colbourne said Monday's search was touch and go and they left Nelson just before midday but there was low cloud and drizzle so they had to land and wait for the weather to clear.

Mr Colbourne said once the weather cleared they were able to have a good look in the area that the police wanted them to search, but unfortunately there was no result.

He said the cloud level was just above the altitude that the helicopter was operating at.