16 Jan 2013

Report shows castle ruins can be made safe

8:15 pm on 16 January 2013

An engineering report into New Zealand's only castle ruins has showed they can be made safe to the public.

Cargill's Castle in the Dunedin suburb of St Clair, which was called The Cliffs when built in 1876, has lain derelict for 40 years.

The Cargill's Castle Trust bought the ruins in 2001 and has been inching towards its dream of opening the site as a tourist attraction.

The preliminary engineering report has shown that the heritage-rated concrete buildings must be re-roofed and strengthened to stop further decay and make them safe for public access.

The trust's chairperson, Steven de Graaf, says he doesn't know how much the plan will cost, but it could be $500,000 which will need to be sought from funding agencies.

The trust expects to get full engineering designs by the end of this year.