9 Mar 2009

PM not ruling out allowance for nine-day fortnight

6:36 pm on 9 March 2009

Prime Minister John Key says it is possible the Government will consider paying some sort of allowance to workers who move to a nine-day fortnight.

The idea of the shorter fortnight was raised at the Job Summit held in Auckland in February.

Under the proposal, workers could opt for a nine-day fortnight to help save jobs.

There had been suggestions that the Government could then pay a training allowance to allow workers to learn new skills on their day off work.

However, the Government had given mixed signals about whether it is prepared to pay anything to people working a nine-day fortnight.

Mr Key still is not absolute about the matter but at his post-Cabinet press conference on Monday said it was possible that an allowance would be paid.

He says the Government is likely to release more detailed responses to the proposal later this week.