31 Jan 2013

More Otago University buildings deemed quake-prone

1:43 pm on 31 January 2013

A key University of Otago arts building and a residential college have been found to be earthquake prone.

The university has set aside $50 million to strengthen up to 20 buildings at risk in a major quake.

It is close to finishing engineering assessments on all its campus buildings following the Canterbury quakes.

Last year, early reports led the university to close its public aquarium and showed three other buildings needed strengthening.

Otago University says ongoing assessments have identified four more buildings below the earthquake standard of 34% of the national building code.

They are the main Arts Building, the Aquinas College priory and gymnasium and the Property Services building.

The university says none need to be vacated urgently, but will now be strengthened to 67% of the building code.