1 Feb 2013

Home detention for passport fraudster

9:16 pm on 1 February 2013

A passport fraudster has been sentenced to five months' home detention and community work after travelling to the United States under someone else's name.

Ward Brooking, 48, was sentenced in the Wellington District Court on Friday.

Brooking made 12 trips between New Zealand, Australia and the US over five years from 2004 on a passport obtained using his cousin's identification.

He had been banned from entering the US after overstaying, but his three children still lived there with their mother.

Judge Bruce Davidson said Brooking returned to the US because his children's mother was in a bad relationship and he was concerned for their safety.

He said Brooking's actions attacked the integrity of the New Zealand passport system, but the man had a desperate need to protect his children.

Brooking will begin home detention on Monday and must serve 140 hours of community work.