11 Mar 2009

Lion Nathan blamed for drunken student parade

9:15 pm on 11 March 2009

The Vice-Chancellor of Otago University has lambasted Lion Nathan after an annual student toga parade turned into a drunken rampage.

Marchers were pelted with eggs, flour bombs and rubbish and numerous windows were smashed along George Street in central Dunedin.

Professor David Skegg says a free alcohol promotion on behalf of Lion Nathan before the parade was a "classic example of the unacceptable face of alocohol promotion".

He accuses Lion Nathan of putting profits ahead of public health saying Lion Nathan entered private properties without permission to dispense trays of free beer.

Professor Skegg acknowledges students must be accountable for their own behaviour.

But, he says, students cannot be expected to behave responsibly when they are "bombarded with inappropriate alcohol promotion" including steep discounts and morning sales of cheap liquor.