2 Feb 2013

Police say burned man deliberately targeted

5:04 pm on 2 February 2013

The police believe a man whose burned body was found in South Auckland on Thursday morning may have been deliberately set on fire.

Shalvin Prasad's body was found in burning scrub in the suburb of Kingseat.

Detective Inspector Dave Lynch said on Saturday that Mr Prasad, 21, did one thing out of the ordinary on Wednesday but he wouldn't say what that was, other than to suggest it could be a possible motive for the killing.

He did however say there is no indication Mr Prasad was linked to drug gangs, or had any debts owing.

"Based upon what we now know about Shalvin coupled with the fact his vehicle and some personal possessions are still missing it is believed that another person or persons are involved in his disappearance and death," he said.

The police do not believe Mr Prasad's death was a random event and they are investigating the reasons for him being targeted.

Mr Lynch says there is no indication he was bound or injured before being set alight.

The police want to find the vehicle Mr Prasad was last seen in when he left home at about 8.30pm on Wednesday.

The vehicle is described as a 1994 Toyota RAV4 registration number ZG1674. It is mostly blue but has a faded black colour around the base.

The police are also looking for Mr Prasad's wallet and cellphone.

Pravin Prasad paid tribute to his younger brother, describing him as full of life who loved paying football and probably the most innocent and naive 21-year old you could meet.