6 Feb 2013

Residents concerned about rapid gas expansion

6:14 am on 6 February 2013

North Taranaki residents concerned about the rapid expansion of gas wells in their area are blaming the district council for not keeping them informed.

Greymouth Petroleum and Todd Energy have drilled about 13 wells in the small town of Tikorangi, near Waitara, in the past five years and have plans for more.

Tikorangi farmer Graeme Foreman says a rig turned up on the boundary of his property, causing noise and dust in January.

He says because the district council does not consider him an affected party, he was told nothing.

Another resident, Abbie Jury, says the development is ruining what was a tranquil rural community.

The council says it is following the consent process laid down in the Resource Management Act and until recently was not aware of residents' concerns.