7 Feb 2013

Principal has safety concerns over gas well expansion

10:15 am on 7 February 2013

A North Taranaki school principal says he fears for his students' safety because of the rapid expansion of gas wells in the small settlement.

Many people in Tikorangi, north of New Plymouth, are concerned about the drilling activity and the lack of communication from the district council.

Greymouth Petroleum and Todd Energy are drilling within a small area in Tikorangi, north of New Plymouth.

The consents issued by the district and regional councils are non-notified, meaning neighbours do not need to told unless they are considered an "affected" party.

Principal Paul Johnson is concerned about a traffic accident, hazardous spill or rig blowout.

Mr Johnson says the companies have helped with traffic safety plans, but he would have liked the council to have at least informed the school.

The district council says it will consider a public forum if that is what the community wants.