8 Feb 2013

Former lobby group boss to head Dotcom site

12:35 pm on 8 February 2013

The former chief executive of lobby group Internet New Zealand has been appointed as chief executive of Kim Dotcom's latest file-sharing website.

Vikram Kumar will officially become head of the mega website on Monday.

Mr Kumar resigned as the chief executive of Internet New Zealand in January.

He says a short time later, Mr Dotcom offered him the role but he turned it down because of the controversy around the Megaupload site, closed down by United States officials who want Mr Dotcom to face internet piracy charges.

He says Mr Dotcom then asked him to meet his team in Auckland, which changed his mind.

Mr Kumar acknowledges it is a high-risk venture with Kim Dotcom facing extradition to the US, but says he is excited about the new role.