14 Feb 2013

Christchurch council accepts draft plan for coastal pathway

7:09 pm on 14 February 2013

The Christchurch City Council has unanimously voted to accept the draft concept plan for a proposed multimillion-dollar coastal pathway that has some seaside residents divided.

The plan for a 6km-long pathway is expected to cost $26 million and will run from Ferrymead to Scarborough.

Councillors heard submissions about the plan from residents at a meeting on Thursday morning.

Christchurch Coastal Pathway spokesperson Mike Sleigh told them the pathway will revitalise the earthquake-hit seaside suburbs, with an estimated 1 million users a year.

But Redcliffs community spokesperson Grant Bargrove told the meeting he has concerns the pathway will limit public and boating access and will have a negative impact on marine life.

The draft plan will now go out for public consultation.