18 Mar 2009

Man jailed at least 18 years for 'vicious' murders

4:26 pm on 18 March 2009

A judge who jailed a man for murdering two people at an Auckland apartment block says few murders in history have approached this level of brutality.

Baseem Al Almery, 31, was jailed for at least 18 years for killing Welsh national David Roberts and Deni Rudiantonio in July last year.

The High Court was told that he stabbed the men who were in the property manager's apartment to death in a bid to get the keys to his former girlfriend's apartment.

The court was told Al Amery intended to kill the woman, and was determined to get to her, no matter the cost. But after entering her home he changed his mind, and threatened to kill himself instead.

In sentencing, Justice Harrison said the murders were extraordinarily vicious and particularly cruel.

Al Almery told the court he was very sorry for his actions but Justice Harrison said he was self-serving, self-obsessed and devoid of any empathy for the victims.