19 Mar 2009

Police admit another crime scene blunder

8:32 pm on 19 March 2009

Police fear photographs of victims from a police camera could end up on the internet. It is the second crime scene blunder in as many days.

Earlier this week, police admitted a confidential document was left at a gang house during a raid.

On Thursday, it was revealed an officer left behind a digital camera containing sensitive images while conducting a drug search at a Lower Hutt house in December 2008.

Police were able to recover the camera.

However, Wellington police district commander Pieri Munro says he was made aware on Thursday that a man is trying to sell the images to media and there are fears they could appear on the internet.

Mr Munro says he wishes to apologise any one of the seven people who may be identified in the pictures.

Police this week admitted that a confidential document was left at a gang house in Lower Hutt raided by officers.

The report was left at a state-owned house in Pomare which was occupied by the Mongrel Mob.

The house was raided on 11 February as part of a Housing New Zealand eviction process.

The document detailed which officers were carrying weapons, and what types, as well as where they were deployed.