19 Feb 2013

MWH offers jobs to Mainzeal workers

6:27 pm on 19 February 2013

Engineering and construction firm MWH says it will give jobs to dozens of Mainzeal workers for the Christchurch rebuild.

Mainzeal, New Zealand's third largest building firm, went into receivership earlier in February.

MWH is now solely in charge after a joint venture with Mainzeal stalled following the receivership.

About half of the 200 workers in the joint venture were employed by the failed firm.

MWH said on Tuesday it has now offered jobs to 86 Mainzeal Christchurch staff and losing these workers would be a setback for the rebuild of the earthquake-damaged South Island city.

Mainzeal receiver PWC says there has been a lot of interest from prospective buyers in snapping up some or all of the company's assets.