23 Feb 2013

Baby left behind after childcare centre closed

10:38 am on 23 February 2013

The Ministry of Education is investigating a childcare centre in Porirua where a baby was locked inside after the centre closed.

The nine-month-old was left alone at the Samoana Early Education Development Services (SEEDS) centre on Wednesday evening.

A man living next door to the centre contacted police about 6.30pm saying a baby was locked inside the centre and someone had climbed through the window to get the boy out.

Centre manager Tolo Pereira said it is the first time anything like this has happened and it has been devastating for staff.

She would not say how the baby was locked inside, but said it would take them a long time to forgive themselves.

Ms Pereira said she had spoken to the baby's parents, who have been very supportive, and sent their son back to the centre on Thursday. She said other parents were also understanding.

The ministry went to the childcare centre on Maher Place on Thursday to investigate the complaint and to ensure the safety of children at the centre.

Police said on Friday they won't investigate the incident unless the parents made a formal complaint.