28 Feb 2013

Hundreds of teachers not paid in latest cycle

9:13 pm on 28 February 2013

Almost 780 teaching staff from nearly 450 schools were not paid in the most recent pay cycle.

The payroll system has been plagued with thousands of errors since it was introduced in August last year, with underpayments, overpayments or no payments at all to some teaching staff.

Steven Joyce, the minister responsible for Novopay, released the figures on Thursday night as he continues to try to solve problems with the system.

In the pay cycle last week, almost 2% of the payments were wrong, with 777 people not paid, 231 overpaid and 471 staff underpaid in 447 schools.

Those numbers are down on problems with the previous pay, in which 2.2% of staff and 628 schools were affected.

Mr Joyce said the problems are likely to continue into the next pay.