4 Mar 2013

Motiti Island iwi visit Rena wreck site

10:22 am on 4 March 2013

Iwi from Motiti Island have travelled to Astrolabe Reef off the coast of Tauranga to have a close look at what's happening with the wreck of the Rena.

Karakias were said as a boat carrying about 40 people arrived at the reef on Saturday to view the remnants of the Rena's bow section.

For some it was the first time they had been near the scene since the container ship ran aground in October 2011.

The ship's insurer The Swedish Club is proposing to leave the rest of the vessel on Astrolabe Reef. Spokesperson John Owen said the visit was part of a week of consultation that followed the announcement of the insurer's plans.

Joe Harawira from Ngati Awa said visit strengthened his opinion the Rena should be removed completely from the reef.