14 Mar 2013

Inquiry finds police tasering justified

12:01 pm on 14 March 2013

The Independent Police Conduct Authority say the police were justified in tasering a Christchurch man who was filmed backing away from officers just before the weapon was fired.

Canterbury police say the report fully supports the actions of the officers.

Police used a taser on Bruce Roulston in the Christchurch suburb of Hornby in May 2010.

He complained to the Independent Police Conduct Authority after footage from a camera attached to the taser was broadcast on Television New Zealand's Sunday programme showing him backing away from officers before the taser was fired.

However, an investigation into the incident found the use of the taser was justified because Mr Roulston had been acting aggressively and violently towards police and members of the public.

Canterbury District Commander Superintendent Gary Knowles says he is pleased with the findings.

He says what was recorded on the taser's camera was only some of what happened.

"You don't see the events leading up to this. This offender was large, he was violent, he was throwing bricks at my officers and their actions were totally justified."

Mr Knowles says tasers are important tools for police and are used with careful consideration.