7 Apr 2009

Go to Gallipoli, but be careful - Key

8:21 am on 7 April 2009

Prime Minister John Key says New Zealanders should be careful when visiting Gallipoli, but he doesn't want to see them stay away from Anzac commemorations there.

The RSA is asking New Zealanders to spread out their visits to Gallipoli instead of descending in droves every Anzac Day.

Its president, Robin Klitscher, has questioned whether such concentrated tourism at the site is acceptable or sustainable.

Mr Key says it is important that New Zealanders who visit Gallipoli don't cause any damage.

But he says it is an important and moving part of the country's history.

The Governor-General and the Veterans Affairs Minister will represent New Zealand at Gallipoli this year; Mr Key intends to go next year.