7 Apr 2009

$80,000 rare stamp collection stolen

9:15 pm on 7 April 2009

Thieves trying to sell an $80,000 rare stamp collection will have a difficult time, the New Zealand Philatelic Federation believes.

The collection of hundreds of New Zealand stamps in a distinctive folder was taken from a stamp fair at a horticultural hall in Lower Hutt last weekend.

Philatelic Federation president Len Jury says finding a buyer for the stolen stamps would not be easy as dealer are likely to recognise items from the collection.

Mr Jury believes the person who grabbed the stamps was an opportunist and would also struggle to secure an overseas buyer.

Police say there were limited numbers of people and low security at the fair.

Detective Constable Mike Philpott says though police do not have any suspects at the moment, most of the people at the fair were stamp enthusiasts or dealers.

Mr Philpott says the owner of the stamps noticed the rare collection missing after valuing another collector's stamps.