25 Mar 2013

Protest organiser says group feels victimised

11:45 am on 25 March 2013

In the wake of a protest about police treatment that led to several arrests, Christchurch boy racers say they are still being unfairly targeted.

Six people were arrested when more than 100 protested outside the city's central police station on Friday night.

Many were back on the streets on Saturday night and say they were being targeted once again.

Protest organiser Tim Cummings says police circled his group in a carpark and were intimidating.

Mr Cummings says not all car enthusiasts in the city are the same.

He acknowledges some are out to cause trouble, but says most just want to enjoy being out in their cars and not abusing police.

Mr Cummings says his group wants to work with police to increase understanding, but feels police are not willing to budge on their stance.