9 Apr 2009

Council group attempts to change super-city plan

3:14 pm on 9 April 2009

Auckland local government leaders are banding together in a bid to change parts of the Government's super-city plan.

Waitakere, Manukau, North Shore, Franklin, Rodney and Auckland City representatives met on Wednesday night to discuss concerns over the plan for Auckland to be governed by one council and mayor, and up to 30 community boards.

Waitakere deputy mayor Penny Hulse says the councils are upset at the lack of local consultation and the lack of opportunity to try to influence the government.

North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams says the Government should listen to the viewpoints of others, including the people.

The steering group will try to meet Local Government Minister Rodney Hide to discuss how much power the community boards will have and how they will be funded.

It also plans to discuss the funding of the transition and call for the reinstatement of a social issues board.

The Government has made significant changes to the system recommended by the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance.

A second tier of six elected local councils, proposed by the commission, has been scrapped in favour of the community boards.

The attempt has been described as a 'dog's breakfast' by Auckland City mayor, John Banks.

Mr Banks says 95% of Auckland City is signed up to the super-city proposition.

He says it is better to work with the government than shout at it from afar.