1 Apr 2013

Police boss says crime prevention main priority

8:03 am on 1 April 2013

The Police Commissioner says his priority for the next year will be ensuring that the focus on preventing crime is fully imbedded in the police force.

Monday marks two years since Peter Marshall began his three-year term in the job.

He says it is vital a series of initiatives are rolled out smoothly - including the distribution of new mobile technology and the set-up of a national crime reporting line.

Mr Marshall says the safety of his officers is also paramount.

"It's not a perfect world - we're not going to satisfy everybody - but I want the public trust and confidence ratings to go up and I want the crime stats to go down.

"I want us to live within budget and importantly, keep the minister happy."

Mr Marshall says he has tried to increase the visibility of his executive team by spending two days every week in different districts.