13 Apr 2013

7000 cars in NZ affected by worldwide recall

10:20 am on 13 April 2013

Several thousand Japanese cars in New Zealand are being recalled because of a fault with their airbags.

The move is part of a worldwide recall of 3.4 million cars made by Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Mazda between 2000 and 2005.

The passenger airbag of the cars poses a risk of injuring passengers or catching fire, but the car companies say there have been no reports of such accidents in New Zealand.

They say they will contact affected owners in the coming weeks and months and will inspect and fix their cars free of charge.

In New Zealand, nearly 7000 cars are affected by the recall.

About 5000 Toyota, 1400 Honda, 220 Nissan and 124 Mazda vehicles which were sold new are being recalled.

The companies say they don't yet know how many second hand imports are affected.

The Transport Agency says it will provide information from the national registration database to help identify the owners of imported second hand vehicles.