24 Apr 2009

Schools wary about use of test results

7:09 pm on 24 April 2009

Principal and teacher groups say they are comfortable with newly-developed national standards which will measure primary school children's achievement, but are still worried results will be used to rank schools.

The education union, the NZEI, says the policy will be resisted if there are signs of the results being used in a way that would harm individual students or schools.

Education Minister Anne Tolley says use of the information will be looked at during a consultation process, which begins next month.

Principals Federation president Ernie Buutveld says ranking schools would be a dangerous exercise.

He says principals will be alert during a consultation process for signs that the policy could become an exercise in school accountability, rather than educational improvement.

Insight examines the proposals at 8.12am, Sunday 26 April.