27 Apr 2013

EQC critic quits blog, calls for inquiry

11:24 am on 27 April 2013

The anonymous critic who carried out an online campaign against the Earthquake Commission has announced he is giving up his blog, but is calling for an inquiry into the organisation.

The blog gained prominence after it published a link to leaked information from the commission about tens of thousands of claims.

The man says he is a former Earthquake Commission employee and is is giving up the blog because he feels he has covered all the problems he sees at the organisation.

However, he wants there to be a public audit to make the commission more transparent.

"What I would like to see happen is I'd like to see EQC reform its processes," he told Radio New Zealand's Morning Report programme.

" I would like to see the organisation run things competently. And I guess in terms of that, the blog hasn't achieved things, but I am going to remain somewhat optimistic that perhaps, ultimately, things will change."

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee told Morning Report he does not accept EQC is doing a poor job.

Mr Brownlee said he has seen nothing to justify holding any kind of inquiry, which would slow down efforts to rebuild the city.

"I just cannot see how it would be profitable for the many claimants who just want EQC to get the work done to have the whole organisation frozen by some sort of massive inquiry."

Mr Brownlee says there are people with grievances, but EQC is trying to deal with more than 700,000 claims, which is a very big challenge for anyone.

The High Court has made an interim injunction ruling preventing the release of Earthquake Commission information by anyone not authorised to have it. The ruling is due to be reviewed on Friday.