29 Apr 2013

Police find items connected to road worker's shooting

9:56 pm on 29 April 2013

Police investigating the fatal shooting of road worker George Taiaroa in the central North Island say they have found significant items connected to the case in an area of bush.

The 67-year-old was shot dead on Tram Road in the Kinleith Forest while manning a stop-go sign at a single-lane bridge near Atiamuri, south of Tokoroa, on 19 March this year.

Police will not disclose what they have discovered, but say the items were found near the small township of Benneydale, about 70km from Atiamuri, and may take up to two weeks to be forensically analysed.

Detective Inspector Tim Anderson said the items were discarded the day Mr Taiaroa was shot.

Mr Anderson said the person responsible for the shooting knew the area well and may have taken refuge in Benneydale.

He is asking locals to cast their minds back to the day of the shooting and get in touch if they think of any information that may be useful.