30 Apr 2013

Sentencing delayed for man who tried to steal plane

6:18 pm on 30 April 2013

Sentencing has been delayed for a man who went on a six-hour rampage, ending with an attempt to steal a plane.

Travis Ian Doel was arrested at the Nelson Aero Club on 8 March this year after gaining entry to and powering up a Sounds Air plane.

The 24-year-old from Stoke told police he intended to fly the plane into Nelson's courthouse.

In the hours leading up to his arrest, he committed a string of serious crimes in the city, including setting fire to two buildings and driving into the Public Trust offices.

Doel admitted all the charges and said being unable to gain access to money he felt he was owed from his late mother's estate, which the Public Trust had not authorised, had prompted his actions.

Doel was to be sentenced in the Nelson District Court on Tuesday, but will now appear on 13 May.